Every maker
has a story

once upon a time

It began back in 2012 when two friends, Jeff and Helmut, were absolutely fed up with their Apple earbuds. Helmut found them incredibly uncomforable, and Jeff couldn’t walk two feet without them falling out of his ears. So they drew up their ideas for a better solution, and obsessively tweaked the materials and shapes until Earhoox were born.

Since then, Earhoox have helped hundreds of thousands of ears across the entire globe. The award winning product has been featured on ABC News, GQ Magazine, Business Insider and some of the most popular tech YouTube channels. Today, Earhoox continues their mission to improve the world’s listening experience by introducing new, cutting edge products each year.

A brief history

we obsess,
we never compromise,
we take pride in our creations.

Proud Moments


Earhoox is used by both the US and Canadian Olympic teams
Paypal Duel
Paypal Duel

Earhoox is awarded 1st Place at the SXSW PayPal Duel, judged by Daymond John from Shark Tank