AirPod Survival Kit


Everything you'll ever need to upgrade your Apple AirPods!

  • Earhoox for AirPods. Our best-selling, 5-star, AirPod attachments. Over 500K pairs sold worldwide! Comes with two sizes. 
  • All-in-One Charging Dock. Stay charged in your car, on your desk, at home -- and never remove your attachments. Desk & Car Docks included!
  • AirPods Protective Case. Protect your AirPods, with steel clip included!
  • Magnetic Straps. Perfect for the active user, keep your AirPods together at all times. Magnetic ends to clip your pods onto anything. 


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    Always charged
    and accessible everywhere

    Whether it's in the office, at home or in the car, keep your AirPods charged and your Earhoox on.

    As Featured in

    "If Your Apple Earbuds Fall Out, You Need These Earhoox"