Earhoox for AirPods Pro has Arrived

Earhoox for AirPods Pro has Arrived

November 13, 2020

Today, I sent the email below to our loyal customers and subscribers. We’ve amassed over 1 million fans over the years, some who have come and gone, but many who have stayed with us on this journey. 

This year, there has been an incredible demand to launch an AirPod Pro version of the original and first-of-its-kind-product that has improved the listening experience for over 500,000. 

Today we are doing that.


Dear Friends,

The time has finally come. Earhoox for AirPods Pro are ready to ship. Like all great adventures, it has been a fun and challenging journey to get here. 

Where we’ve been.

Earhoox has been a labor of love for Helmut and me from the start. Since 2012 we have worked tirelessly to help everyone in the world keep their Apple earbuds securely in place for a price that everyone can afford. For us it’s always been that simple.

Back then we believed that while Apple’s high quality, expensive earphones were great, achieving proper fit and feel at a fair price was even better. So we took a risk, researched the manufacturing process, hired our first designer and opened a production mold with our supplier. We then launched on Indiegogo to help crowdfund our way to a proof-of-concept and shortly after that we moved to full scale production. While that may sound straightforward and easy, it was anything but.

Where we are.

Eight years later, Earhoox has shipped over 500,000 units to more than 100 countries while holding a consistent 4.7+ Star rating. We sell across major partners like Amazon and The Grommet, while also offering products direct to you on our website. The feedback remains consistent, AirPods are just better with Earhoox. 

When Apple released the AirPods Pro in late 2019 our Earhoox community began asking for a compatible product. Even with the AirPods Pro sleek new design, the same issues were occurring, namely “jostling around”, “falling out”, “loose, unsecure fit” and more. While our intention was to deliver a solution much sooner, as we know 2020 has been full of surprises!

But today, we are proud to finally announce that they are ready to go! 

Where we’re going.

Like most Apple products, AirPods are elegantly designed with innovative functionality and high quality audio, but they’re not perfect. Regular life (i.e. running, working out, gardening, commuting, teleconferencing, meditating, or flying across the country) can easily disrupt the intended listening experience. With Earhoox, you will always reach AirPods’ maximum potential.

That’s what we do, that’s what we’ve always done, and that’s why we are proud to be the best in the world at it.

As we continue this journey, and continue to help people all over the world love their AirPods & AirPod Pros, it’s with a deep sense of gratitude that we look back on where we came from - solving a simple problem with a simple solution - and say Thank You for your support. 

Thank you for loving our products, thank you for gifting it to friends and family, and thank you for staying with us as we continue building products to make your life better. Every order placed supports our small business, and helps us deliver a great listening experience all over the world. 

Happy holidays, happy listening, and happy everything.

With gratitude,


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